Reasons Of Older Women Younger Men Dating

Everybody’s talking about cougars, the middle-aged voracious woman who preys on young men. It is obvious what the cougar woman gets out of that relationship, but why would young men want to date a cougar? What is so attractive about older women?

No Drama

Many young girls have been spoiled by romantic movies, they try comparing their own life with Hollywood version and then get angry at their boyfriend because he can’t guess what she wants. Cougar women on the other hand have been there, done that and know that life is not a Hollywood movie. And that nobody likes a drama queen. So many older women younger men establish their relationship on no drama basis.


Well this is obvious – imagine the level of experience that an older woman can bring to the bedroom. On top of that, she is happy to share that experience and will gladly teach you all the little tricks she knows. She will be your own naughty cougar teacher. So men want older women dating younger men for a pleasurable sex.

Patience and Tolerance

Cougar woman won’t expect a future together and won’t make an issue out of every single thing. She will have patience with you and also won’t expect much from you outside the bedroom, won’t have a problem with making you a sandwich and she will not get a heart attack if you forgot to lower the toilet seat.

Bottom line is older women younger men dating is a great temporary arrangement if you are not seeking a marriage just yet but do not expect any long-term happiness in this type of relationship.


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